56 years old mum becomes one of the world’s oldest lingerie models.

Mercy-Brewer oldest model

Getting older is an inescapable part of our life. Age is really just a number.
A mother of two child has becomes one of the world’s oldest lingerie pin-ups with showing off her stunning figure and sizzling photos.

Her name is mercy brewer was born in paisley near Glasgow She is 5’11 people always say to her,’’ you should be a model’’ however she never thought she could dream of it.
Mercy-Brewer oldest model
Now she is the face of the upmarket lonely lingerie brand. Mercy brewer has started her career in London in 1984, becoming as a part of the punk scene and working alongside Naomi Campbell, katemoss and Helena Christensen on the runways of lndon, Paris and Milan. later moved to the New Zealand. Few years ago broke an 18 year retirement fem the modelling scene to wal for Zambezi at new Zealand fashion week.

She said in a statement “perceptions of beauty have and always change, therefore i think wee can conclude its standard is not set in stone and new beauty is always waiting to be discovered” And some more lines said by her.
Mercy-Brewer oldest model
“i believe we are in a moment in time where older women’s beauty has been a starling revelation. If we don’t recognie it we everyone of us, deny ourselves a future to look forward to.

She is the role of model of youth what use ids beauty without th confidence to recognize it in yourself. Be our mum mercy. Don’t you want.


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