Kamaal rashid khan trolled after tweeted Mohanlal. Calls him chota bhim.


The past couple of weeks we have seen too many twitter trols. First Uday chopra, then sonu nigam and sonu sood, then adnan swami and now kamaal rashid khan.

After tweeted by kamaal rashid khan was trolled by mohanlal fans’. Mohanlal will play a role of bhim in the screeen adaption of randamoozham. “Sir @Mohanlal you look like Chota Bheem so then how will u play role of Bheem in Mahabharata?
Why do you want to waste money of BR Shetty?”
Tweeted by KRK on Wednesday.
He should have to knew before tweeting he was being trolled by an active army of mohanlal.
Most of th comment cam in the laguage of malayalam thn cannot be reproduce on this website for obvious reasons.

One of the fan of mohanlal said “Apna shakal dekha he kabhi aayne mein?? Pehle vo kar… uske bad doosron par ungli uthana… Mohanlal sir tho hamara pride hain. (Look at yourself in the mirror before criticising others. Mohanlal sir is our pride.”

Another person said “If you don’t know who Lal’ettan is, come and ask Malayalis. We will tell you who Lal’ettan is!!”

Now mr khan will have think twince before tweets. However going by his past record. We have doubt thats going to happen.


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