10 things we need to know when we all make in bed.


When you are with your partner on bed we should know about these 10 things

1. Foreplay is the important role -vital ,even don’t skip it. That’s play a important role instead of doing any other thing, you will set the stage for even more pleasure later on.

2. Don’t claim that you know about all women all are different, don’t use the same move
over again, it will be obvious.
3. Just play with your partner instead of fall asleep. And don’t snore.

4. Jeep remember always should be cut your nail in order to avoid scratching her, being
careful, being gentle with your partner’s breast, we should spend a little time to kiss her all
over the body and don’t rush.
5. Being silence is not a good sign, which can cause your partner to feel anxious. Loosen up let out some freaky sound so that pleasure can be heard.

6. Don’t make complicate what you see in the movies, you will look fake and that’s never
appealing! So, don’t bother taking ntes while you watch TV.

7. Don’t spread too much cologne, could be just as bad.
8. Men alsoo share with their prater oh his fantasies however worry their wives will shame or
judge them.

9. Mens want with his lover, willingly to try new thing during intercourse, it doesn’t mean
about the all 50shade of grey. Just willingly to share open ideas.

10. We always thinks about women as the ones who need reassurance about their appearance, however man get insecure too. Those partner share a compliment and worship will never get fade.


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