See Viral Vedio!! African women take out their clothes in delhi metro for seat


Two African women can be seen shouting loudly at a group of commuters in a video clip that has gone viral. This incident took place in one of the metro coach in Delhi, and this appears to be a dispute over the seats. One of the woman from them was so anguished that ignoring all the men there, she started taking off her clothes, and then one of the men intervened and prevented her from doing so.

delhi metro filight for seat

The exact reason for the fight is not clear from the clip but it seems that maybe they were reacting to some comments on them or maybe one of the men in the crowd was protesting against being pushed towards them.

It can be seen in the video that one of the men is shouting that ‘throw them out of the Metro and call the police’ but as soon as one of the women took of her top in protest, then the man arguing with her had to turn away with embarrassment.


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