Facebook embarked a new feature for facebook live

Facebook live

Facebook embarked a new feature for Facebook live

Facebook live has lately encountered many live videos of people committing suicides.

lately a teenager Georgia streamed on Facebook live her own suicide attempt video,

Now Facebook is testing of new feature on Facebook live that the sheriff’s deputies could find her and save her.
prevent suicides
It has became general incidents have prompted the Facebook’s CEO and mental health experts to investigate, how they can use social media and another platforms to save lives of people.

Facebook has these reasons to keep the video live for a longer time so that help can reach the needed people.

In the case of Georgia,

one of the viewer watching her video on Facebook live and informed 911 about this then she could be saved in time.

prevent suicides

Facebook spokeswoman Andrea Saul has declared that in March the company has started series of initiatives to help the people who go online and try to commit suicide.

Facebook is also working on that how computers can rapidly identify such posts where people are planing to commit suicide,

so that informed person can reach for help on time to that person.

The CEO has also declared that Facebook will be hiring around 3000 more people to review videos of crimes and suicides.


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