High court Judge C S Karnan in jail for six months

Judge C S Karnan in jail

High Court Judge C S Karnan has been sentenced to imprisonment for six months. On Tuesday Supreme Court shocked everyone by passing this statement. Karnan was supposed to retire on June 11. So he will serve one month of his tenure and then rest five months in the jail. A bench of seven judges headed by CJI JS Khehar found him guilty of contempt of court.

Judge Karnan always took advantage of his dalit background and used to pass unethical judgements against the seven judges in the bench and even his colleagues were of the view that he always made wild allegations against them.

Judge C S Karnan in jailResult from Supreme Court

Senior advocate K K Venugopal was of the view that punishing Justice karnan while in service would create a blemish in the history of judiciary as for the first time a sitting judge will be being jailed. But Supreme Court is of the view that contempt of court does not differentiate among people. Irrespective of their posts, the accused must bear the punishment.

During his absence Justice Karnan was sentenced this imprisonment. Supreme Court has also barred media to record his statements in future.


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