Pokemon Go helps in communication skills of student

develop communication skills by playing Pokemon Go

A study reveal Pokemon go helps in build communication skills

Recently study reveal that student can build their communication skills by playing Pokemon go game Pokemon Go.

At IOWA University in the US, researchers focus on giving technological access to the students and help them in communication skills.develop communication skills by playing Pokemon Go

Pokemon go HOW does it work!

This helps in experimenting with new forms of communication as well as replace traditional classroom tools.

According to the researchers, playing Pokemon game indulge the students also build interest in them to connect to their work.
develop communication skills by playing Pokemon Go
Nowadays it is very important to develop new learning tools for the students which enables them to develop questions, then research answers for them and then share that information.

Like many other games, Pokemon Game provide players with very limited information.

As a result of which, the gamer have to  ask question on how to use certain tools to advance to the next level.

This game could definitely help students to build up writing and research skills.


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