Amazing moments of the Justin Beiber Concert in india


Amazing moments of the Justin Beiber Concert in India

During the justin beiber concert in India, the pop sensation Justin ruled everyone’s hearts with his amazing performance.

The 23-year- old singer gave his perform at DY Patil Stadium, Mumbai, as a part of his ongoing Purpose Tour.

Just the news of Justin performing in India had sent millions of Indian fans go frenzy.

Justin Beiber performance

he started with his popular track “The Feeling” , Where are you now and Mark my words. The people went crazy with this.
 Beiber India Concert
The whole crowd were cheering up when Beiber took everyone back to his massively first popular single song “Baby”, it was the song when he was just 12-year- old.

Justin beiber concert began

The show began at around 8 pm and the night was hosted by Harry Potter actress Elarica Johnson.

To extend a heartfelt thanks to an amazing audience, the singer also wave the Indian National Flag on-stage and left the stage with a promise to return again soon for his fans.

Ahead of his performance, Justein met a group of underprivileged children on a bus and also shook hands with them.


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