91 Lakh people started paying income tax after Demonetization


Number of persons paying income tax has increased by 91 lakh after demonetization in November last year, said finance minister Arun Jaitley during a new website launch program  named ‘Operation Clean Money’ focusing on bringing back the illegal money on books.
Written word TAX on blue keyboard button
Jaitley said that note ban has increased and forced people for using digital way for doing
transactions which resulted in rising the number of assesses and tax revenue jumping for the
government as people fear of doing transactions in cash.

About new income tex portal

This new portal will help honest tax payers in paying taxes and also increase the number of people paying their taxes, Jaitley said. Sushil Chandra, CBDT Chairman added that there was a 22 percent jump in people filing e-tax returns.

He also declared that after demonetization about 17.92 lakh people are found who are having
unexplained deposits and around Rs 16398 crore was identified as an undisclosed income.


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