In the Forbes’ Midas 2017 list. 11 Indian American investors feature

In the Forbes’ Midas 2017 list

The Midas 2017 of the Forbes magazine comprises of the 100 best venture capitalists in the world. It is a matter of pride to know that 11 Indian American featured in this top 100 list. This lists features those top venture capitalists who are behind some of the highest-returning investments in the field of technology.
In the Forbes’ Midas 2017 list
This list has been topped by Jim Goetz, who is a partner in Sequoia Capital. The list includes 11 venture capitalists who are of Indian Origin. Neeraj Agarwal is on the 17 th spot, followed by Sameer Gandhi who is on the 23 rd , then Asheem Chandna securing the 28 th position, Salil Deshpande is on the 33 rd spot, and Anil Bhandari is on the 37 th . The others at various other positions in this

Top 100 list are:-

  • Gaurav Garg (48)
  • Promod Haque (67)
  • Hemant Taneja (70)
  • Navin Chaddha (73)
  • Ravi Mhatre (76)
  • Deven Parekh (99)


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