How India came out of WannaCry ransomware cyber attack successfully

Wanna Cry ransomware cyber attack successfully

WannaCry ransomware which hits more than 100 countries and being the greatest sensation in cyber world since last two-three days is world’s largest cyber-attack in history, hits the India also but on a very small scale.
Wanna Cry ransomware cyber attack successfully
Except some incidents in few states, almost all the industries and institutions in India are safe from the impact of WannaCry ransomware cyber-attack. The time it came into news all the banks, financial institutions and corporate houses have issued online caution messages and reinforced there online security.
Wanna Cry ransomware cyber attack successfully
RBI has also asked the banks to first update the software and then make all the ATM’s in operation. Corporate houses also asked their employees to take the back up of their data and strictly avoid opening unfamiliar file attachments. Even media peole are allowed to use the updated version of Window and install firewalls in it.

However in UP, Tamil Nadu and in three locations in West Bengal were affected by the pop-up of pay 300 USD on their computer screen else almost all over India is safe.


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