All you need to know about this new cyber threat: Ransomware

cyber threat: Ransomware

This new cyber threat in the form of ransomware is known as Wanna Cry, or WanaCrypt0r 2.0. This ransomware locks and encrypts files on your computer in such a manner that you are not able to access them anymore.
cyber threat: Ransomware
If you download any wrong thing or click on any wrong thing, then this program gets into your computer and holds something that you need to ransom for. This Wanna Cry program encrypts your files which you cannot access and then demands payment from you in bitcoin if you want to regain access to your files.

Some security experts warn that it is not necessary that after paying the ransom demanded, you might have access to your files. Some ransomware even raise up their demands a few days later and threaten to delete the files permanently.
cyber threat: Ransomware
Wanna Cry is not only a ransomware program but it is also a worm. It has the habit of mutating so that with time it changes and searches different ways to access computers.
For precautionary measures, users should back up their data on regular basis and install various security updates on computer as soon as they are released. Try to identify the malicious emails and do not open them.


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