Teenager raped by father for 6 years: Shoots video and gets him arrested

Teenager raped by father for 6 years

On Sunday, 43-year- old father, who is also a mathematics teacher, was sent to the custody of police for raping his daughter for last six years.This 19-year- old teenager shot a video on her mobile which exposes her father who has been torturing and raping her for last six years. This video shows the incidence that took place at their residence in a locality under Kavi Nagar Police Station area in Ghaziabad .


It is a 15-minute video that shows how cruelly this man beats and rapes his own daughter. This man also operates a school in Ghaziabad. After this video was produced and the complaint was lodged by the victim, he was arrested and on Sunday he was produced before the court.

WTF! a teenager fucked up by her father for 6 years.

Teenager raped by father for 6 years

This heartless father has been repeatedly assaulting his daughter for last six years. But she could not get any support from her mother as well because her mother didn’t have enough courage to go against her husband. The accused have also been charged against rape as these incidents took place when she was a minor and he is also been charged under the provisions of the Protection of children from Sexual Offenses Act.

This young woman, who is a first-year graduation student could gather courage to stand up against her father, when she discussed all this with her friend. And her friend discussed it with her mother, who went to the victim’s house to talk to the victim’s mother to take this matter to police station. And in the meantime, the victim placed a mobile phone in her room and turned on the video in her mother’s absence and recorded her father’s misdeeds.


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