Shocking for all the experts: An 12 year old turns smart toys into weapons

12 year old turns smart toys

The 12 year old Reuben has utilized his teddy bear in such a manner, that it can receive and transmit messages by connecting to the i-cloud via WiFi and Bluetooth smart technology.

He is also being named a ‘cyber ninja’. He has shocked the audience of security experts by hacking their Bluetooth devices and then manipulating a teddy bear to show how these interconnected smart toys can be used as weapons.

12 year old turns smart toys

American Superhero Reuben Paul, who is still a 6 th grader at a school in Austin, Texas, has mummed hundreds of people at a cyber security conference in The Netherlands, by his wonder teddy bear Bob.

He said that anything from an airplane to automobile, from smart phones to smart homes, can be a part of this ‘Internet of Things’. Any toy ranging from a teddy bear to a terminator can be weaponized according to him.

12 year old turns smart toys

In order to demonstrate his words, he plugged in a device known as ‘raspberry pi’, which is a computer of a size of a credit card, to his laptop. Then he scanned for all the Bluetooth devices in the hall and hacked them. This suddenly downloaded dozens of numbers. After this he used a computer language called Python, and hacked into his teddy bear through one of the numbers, in order to turn on the light in it and record a message from the audience. Everyone was shocked at an amazing show by this small kid.


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