Pani puri vendor from Gujarat offers unlimited golgappas for Rs.100, inspired by JIO’s unlimited data plan

unlimited golgappas

Nowadays for making a successful plan you need to either include the word ‘free’ in it or ‘unlimited’. People love the feeling of free or unlimited offers, be it a mobile tariff or food. Reliance Jio has already made the whole India go crazy with its unlimited 1GB plan, likewise even other network operators had to offer similar plan to retain their customers. Inspired by this, a pani puri vendor in Gujarat decided to serve his customers unlimited servings of the mouth-watering golgappas.

unlimited golgappas
Shocked? But it’s true.

unlimited golgappas
Ravi Jagdamba from Porbandar, Gujarat, is a pani puri vendor and he has come up with a plan of offering unlimited pani puris to his customer at Rs.100. and the craziness and passion we Indians have for this street food, his plan has become a major hit.

And not just this. He has come up with two schemes under this plan. One is the daily scheme and one monthly. One can have daily plan with Rs.100 per day or if someone wants to go for monthly, then he just have to give Rs.1000, in which daily he can eat unlimited golgappas for a month. And he has even named his stall as JIO.


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