Rocket that was grounded by US will put Isro-Nasa Sattelite in space

Rocket that was grounded by US

In 1992, the sanctions on Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) had been cancelled by the then President George Bush and his government also stopped Russia from sharing cryogenic engine technology with ISRO, because it didn’t want India to make missiles. Rocket that was grounded by US will put in space as soon as possible.
Rocket that was grounded by US

NASA join ISRO Almost done for rocket

Now the US Space Agency NASA has join hands with ISRO almost after two decades, to co-develop a satellite that will cost both the countries over $1.5 billion and it will also be the world’s most expensive Earth imaging satellite. The important thing is that this GSLV is the same for which US put sanctions on India in 1992. This GSLV will place the Nasa-Isro Synthetic Aperture Radar (NISAR) satellite into orbit in 2021.
Rocket that was grounded by US
Although despite of keeping the past in mind, both the research agencies are busy in building this NISAR Satellite which will weigh 2,200kg and by using the radar imaging it will provide a detailed view of the Earth. The main purpose for its building is to measure some planet’s complex processes, ice-sheet collapse, ecosystem disturbances and other natural hazards.


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