Trump got polite in Riyadh, said terrorism is not defined by religion

Trump got polite in Riyadh

American president, Donald Trump who was addressing 50 Muslim countries in Riyadh seems to be very polite and different on Muslims by focusing terrorism which is not bounded to any
Trump got polite in Riyadh
Trump, who was mainly focusing on anti-Muslim and anti-immigrants during his election campaign was insignificant as he said to the leaders of the Islamic countries that America is not against their faith instead its war is against terrorism.

He said fighting against terrorism is not fighting against any religion, different sections nor against different civilizations but it’s a war between those who enjoy taking human lives and who protects it.
Trump got polite in Riyadh
During the election campaign he was very harsh on Muslims and their faiths by saying & Muslims hates us" and also banning Muslims to enter United States are some of the incidents showing his thinking against their religion.

This kind of speech must be way of showing to reset the things and to get friendly with them. He also emphasized in his speech of working together to fight against the challenges against peace and security of the world.


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