Is BJPs new face in Tamil Nadu going to be Rajnikanth?

BJPs new face

The recent speech delivered to his fans by Rajnikanth which mentions about changing the system and getting prepared for a war, has ignited a political debate. People are speculating that whether

  1. Rajnikanth is going to come out as BJPs mascot in Tamil Nadu?
  2. Will he be the one who is going to change the nature of Dravidian politics?
  3. Or as like always, he will stay away from politics?
    BJPs new face
    These questions are making the Tamil Nadu politics even more turbulent. The statement made by him in his speech on Friday, is forcing everyone to speculate as to whether or not he will choose the political path.

His close association with Prime Minister Narendra Modi also strengthens the view that he might enter into politics with BJP backing.
BJPs new face
After the death of Jayalalithaa, many leaders have come up in Tamil Nadu but there are very few with a kind of popularity and strong fan base that Rajnikanth has. His entry into politics might change the fate of Tamil Nadu which is undergoing so much of turbulence right now.


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