On Yamuna Expressway, four women gang raped and one man killed

four women gang raped

This incident will shake you up, where from a family going in a car, four women were gang raped and one man was shot dead at Khurja-Jhajhar road in Greater Noida region early by a group of criminals who held them at gunpoint. This horrific incident took place early Thursday early morning.

four women gang raped

This family consisting of seven members along with the driver were going to Bulandshahr from Jewar to meet a relative in hospital. They were in a Maruti Eco car. One of the victim said that when they were going then near Sabauta village they felt some problem with the wheels of the car and so stopped the car. They found out that the front two wheels are punctured so they called their home for help.

four women gang raped

What happened with family?

As they stepped out of the car, 6-7 armed criminals came and surrounded them, they took the family in the fields at gunpoint. They took all the jewellery, mobile phones and purses from them. After that they took the females at some distance and gang raped them and when one of the man from the family protested, they shot him on the chest and leg and he died on the spot. When the police team reached,
the criminals had already escaped from there.

Police informed that special teams have been formed for their search.


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