We bring for you the biggest Rivals of WhatsApp messages


Today WhatsApp is like a daily routine for most of us. Majority of the people, when wake up in the morning, the first thing they do is check their WhatsApp messages. But now there are many such apps who are trying to attract the users by providing those facilities which even WhatsApp  messages is not offering.
Some of the biggest rivals of WhatsApp are listed below. One of the biggest rivals is Hike. Hike is the first home-grown messaging platform of India. That’s why it claims millions of users in India. It is available on android, iOs and Windows Phone. It gives good competition to WhatsApp with better sticker collection, hidden chat feature. Recently, the company launched new additional features like Camera, live filters and stories.

Whatapp & Facebook

Facebook Messenger is another messaging platform that gives strong competition to WhatsApp, although now both of them belong to the same Facebook family. It comes with a host of additional features which are not offered by WhatsApp like addictive games, customization, attractive stickers etc.
Line is another rival of WhatsApp. Line is popularly known as the Facebook of Japan. It also offers some unique features like video snapping, sharing of files, coupons, the features which are missing in WhatsApp. That makes it a very strong rival of WhatsApp.

Viber which is also a Japanese App is also a strong rival of WhatsApp by offering new features like Pinned chat and a very unique feature called Public account which allows the users to connect with their retailers and famous brands. so now i think you have complete idea about it.


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