Some interesting facts about Aerobics exercise

facts about Aerobics exercise

Now we are Discussing facts about Aerobics exercise

  • Aerobics is an excellent way to build the cardiovascular strength as it can be sustained for longer periods.
  • Aerobics are most popular among the adults whereas other activities like sprint swimming, baseball and sprinting are more popular among the youth.

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  • In order to have an all-round health related development, aerobics must be supplemented with other exercises such as jogging.
  • Aerobics is just a way to achieve cardiovascular fitness but it does not have all the cardiovascular benefits.
  • The competitive arm of Aerobics is Aerobics gymnastics.
  • Aerobics is an exercise which includes sweating, breathing heavily or increased heart rate.
    Kenneth H. Cooper, a medical doctor, was an early proponent of Aerobics.

facts about Aerobics exercise

  • Workout innovations in Aerobics from 1980s to 2000s include various equipment such as weights, steps, elastic bands etc.
  • Aerobics dance is a form which combines yoga, martial arts, salsa, hip-hop, jazz etc. with music.
  • Aerobics has also combined traditional activities such as bicycling and boxing in the form of spinning and cardio-boxing.
  • Aerobics helps the body draw more oxygen.
  • Aerobics helps in burning body fat thus helping the over-weight people lose weight.


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