Mark Zuckerberg goes live on Facebook when he visits his dorm room after 13 years

Mark Zuckerberg goes live

The famous dorm room where this 33-year- old launched our very own ‘Facebook’ which was called ‘TheFacebook’ at that time. This successful and young founder of Facebook had dropped out of Harvard to create the social Media giant. He was so excited when he visited his dorm room at Harvard after long 13 years, and but obvious he made a Facebook live video that is 24-minutes long in which his excitement cannot be hidden when he is remembering the good old days.
Mark Zuckerberg goes live
Zuckerberg says that this is the first time in 13 years after leaving Harvard that he has come back to the dorm room, a place where lot of special things happened in his life. He has come here to give a speech at Harvard’s graduation ceremony this year. And he will also get his
honorary degree in this ceremony.
Mark Zuckerberg goes live
His wife Priscilla Chan has also accompanied him for the ceremony. Zuckerberg made this special video to share this special moment of his life with all the Facebook users.


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