Some interesting and unknown facts about Indian Cooking

Indian Cooking

Indian Cooking is very rich and diverse. So is the Indian cooking. Although look simple but is very complicated and time consuming. The people in the Northern part of India make more use of Red and Green chilies, saffron and yogurt. Most of the cooking in North India is done in ghee.

Indian Cooking

On the other hand in South India, people love cooking food with ingredients like black pepper, tamarind and coconut. They cook their food in coconut oil which is a much healthier option. People from East India loves food which have ingredients as mustard and fish. The West Indians are more multi-ethnic as they have adopted both national and international cuisines.

Indian Cooking

The vegetarian recipes of India are very high on health benefits as it provides lot of carbohydrates and proteins. The cooking in India just adds on some spice and flavor in these healthy dishes and make them healthy along with an amazing taste.

The Indian food is more about exploring and innovating. You have bunch of spices and herbs to experiment with and create new tastes.


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