Tejas on its maiden journey treated badly with so called responsible Indians

responsible Indians

Tejas, India’s first high speed semi-luxurious train, treated so badly with the so called responsible Indians on its maiden trip. We, the Indians always thinks and demands the Government to provide us high class services but it is our civic duty to respect the initiatives started by the Government to give us comfort.

Mumbai-Goa Tejas Express

Mumbai-Goa Tejas Express which returned back to Mumbai on Tuesday after completing its maiden trip which covers 630 KM in less than nine hours, is filled with modern technological amenities like LCD TVs, WiFi, CCTV, tea and coffee vending machines, bio-vacuum toilets and touch-less water taps.

responsible Indians

But the condition of the train when it returned back to Mumbai was a complete mess as some passengers on the train had thrashed the LCD screens, stolen the headphones provided to them and had soiled the toilets with litter all around the train.

This raises a great question about whether we really deserve these kinds of high quality services provided by the government. If we are going to destroy it   in any case, then government should provide us low quality services and use the money on food, education.

This proves that Swachch Bharat Abhiyan and cleaning the Ganga mission will never succeed until and unless we make a conscious effort to respect our surroundings.


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