Some useful tips to boost the speed of your home Wi-Fi

boost the speed

Nowadays Wi-Fi is necessary for people just like food, electricity and water is essential. But most of the time people face problems with the speed of the Home Wi-Fi. Here we give you some useful tips to boost up the speed of your home net speed.
 boost the speed
One of the simplest ways to improve the speed is that place your Wi-Fi router in the center of the house so that it will provide even coverage at all the corners of the house. Don’t place the router on the floor.
 boost the speed
Instead place it at least eye-level or higher to improve the signal strength and keep it away from other interference causing devices like telephone, printers, microwave etc. While parties or guests arriving at your house, you are reluctant to share your Wi-Fi password with them but cannot say no to them. Then you can enable a guest network on your router with a separate password.

You can share this with your guests. When the guests leave then you can disable this network and again enable your home network. This way no one will come to know the password of your home network. Keep changing your password at regular intervals.


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