Uzma after returning safe to India called Pakistan a & death trap

Uzma after returning safe

Uzma Ahmad an Indian national who went through the darkest days of her life when she went spent her days in Pakistan.

What happen with Uzma ?

She said Pakistan is a death well where it’s very easy to enter but impossible to come out. There are two, three or sometimes four wives in every houses who are living in a very miserable condition there. Some of the women are from India who got married and there conditions are also the same.

She was forced to marry a Pakistani men Tahir Ali at gunpoint whom she met in Malaysia returned to India following an Islamabad High Court order via the Attari-Wagah border on Thursday.

Uzma after returning safe

She went to Pakistan on May 1 and had plans to return around May 10 or 12 as a tourist purpose but she was forced to stay in a very strange village amongst all the strangers. She said if you search Guner, you will find out that it was under Taliban control from 2008 to 2010 and military exercises are conducted there.

Uzma after returning safe

According to Uzma Tahir tortured her emotionally and physically and said he can even harm her child in Delhi through his relatives there. They beat her and forced to enter into a marriage contract and if she denies they will kill her daughter.

But somehow she managed to escape from there and took refuge in the Indian High Commission for 20 days before she could return home. After returning to india she said there is no place like India as we have lots of powers in our hand but in countries like Pakistan women’s are treated like slaves. She said she is thankful to the Indian Government in saving her life and in meeting her daughter.


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