who was raped Panchayat gives death sentence to that Pak woman

raped Panchayat gives death sentence

A 19-year- old girl in the Punjab Province of Pakistan was raped by her cousin on gunpoint, and the village panchayat sentenced her to death for the same accusing her of having illegal relations with that cousin.

raped Panchayat gives death sentence

This incident happened in Rajanpur district on Friday, which is around 400 kilometers from the capital city of Lahore. After Shumaila, the rape victim, got to know about the decision of the Panchayat, she eloped from the village and complaint about the matter in the police.

She completely refused about having illegal relations with her cousin Khalil Ahmed and also complained that he raped her at gunpoint while she was sleeping in the house. She objects to the statement of the panchayat that she willfully slept with him.

raped Panchayat gives death sentence

She even said panchayat did not penalize Ahmad, the rapist, for raping her. The lady registered an FIR against the Panchayat for giving her the death penalty. To protect her from the panchayat, police has sent Shumaila to a government safe house for women in Rajanpur.


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